WPBGo Introduces New Tools to Make Carpooling and More Easier in Palm Beach County

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Traveling together to reduce costs and traffic has never been easier


WPBgo Enhances Commuting Options with New Tools
The West Palm Beach Mobility Coalition (WPBgo) is excited to introduce new tools to enhance commuting options for Palm Beach County residents, visitors, and workers. Intending to promote car-free and car-lite lifestyles, WPBgo’s latest initiatives include a comprehensive carpool and vanpool matching service powered by RideAmigos. This service helps commuters find shared ride options, reducing traffic congestion and fostering more sustainable alternatives.

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You can find your carpool crew easily.


New WPBgo Website: A Hub for Commuters
WPBgo’s new website, WPBgo.com, serves as a one-stop resource for commuters seeking alternative travel options. The website provides the latest transportation news, rider resources, and tools to streamline commute planning. It supports various modes of transportation, from micro-mobility solutions like scooters and bikes to higher-speed rail options. Businesses also benefit from the site, which outlines employee retention benefits and overall satisfaction improvements when supporting diverse transit options.


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Alternatives are all around you


Carpool and Vanpool Matching Powered by RideAmigos
WPBgo’s carpool and vanpool matching service, powered by RideAmigos, connects commuters with shared ride options for daily travel to and from West Palm Beach. Given Florida’s population surge, this service offers a vital alternative to alleviate traffic congestion. Carpooling and vanpooling save commuting costs and provide time to prepare for or review your day instead of concentrating on the drive. Carpooling can halve fuel expenses, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and qualify participants for reduced insurance premiums. With more passengers, vanpooling increases these savings and provides flexible schedules and routes.

The Financial Impact of Carpooling and Vanpooling
Carpooling and vanpooling offer substantial financial benefits compared to owning a personal vehicle. The average monthly cost of owning and operating a new car is approximately $1,015, including loan payments, insurance, fuel, maintenance, and depreciation​. In contrast, the average monthly cost of participating in a vanpool is around $100 to $150, depending on the number of participants and distance traveled​. Carpooling can similarly reduce commuting costs, as participants share fuel and maintenance expenses, saving hundreds of dollars monthly.

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South Florida Commuter Services’ Guaranteed Ride Home Program
Supporting these initiatives, the South Florida Commuter Services’ Guaranteed Ride Home program provides an additional safety net for carpoolers and vanpoolers. This program ensures that commuters using shared transportation have a reliable backup option to get home in case of emergencies or unexpected schedule changes. Participants can receive up to six free taxi rides or rental car trips per year, which helps alleviate concerns about being stranded and encourages shared transportation options.

About RideAmigos
RideAmigos leverages innovative technology and behavioral science principles to transform commuting practices. Their solutions help large employers, universities, and government agencies reduce congestion, parking demand, and environmental impact while fostering healthier and happier communities. With RideAmigos’ tools, WPBgo can effectively support shared mobility initiatives and create a more connected and sustainable transportation network in Palm Beach County.

For more information on WPBgo’s initiatives, visit WPBgo.com, and to explore RideAmigos’ solutions, check out RideAmigos.com.


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