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Saving Money & Improving Commutes

Employers: Did you know that by providing tax-free commuter benefits, a company of 50 employees can reduce your federal tax bill by $24,000 per year, and your employees could save even more?

By offering commuter benefits, employers are able to support their employees with their daily commute to work. When employees enroll in their employer’s commuter benefits program, it allows them to cover commuting costs on a pre-tax basis.

Commuter benefits can cover all sorts of transportation costs, from transit and parking to bicycling, ridesharing and vanpools. Given the many ways an employee can travel to and from work, employers can provide commuter benefits in all sorts of payment types, including:

Transit incentives & passes
Employee Education Programs
Parking cost reduction programs
Carpool/Vanpool options
Safe bike storage facilities
Employee wellness programs

Need help supporting your employee commute challenges?

Did You Know?

Start a Commuter benefits program

Help your business launch its own employee commuter benefits program.

Assess your employee population

Determine how your employees currently get to and from work to find the best options to cover and how to issue the benefit. Surveys are a great way to get insight from employees that will help identify transportation options they might consider if offered commuting benefits.

Launch the Program

Once the program plan is outlined and set, it’s time to launch. Communication is key to encouraging employees to enroll. Email, in-person and virtual meetings are all viable marketing options to get the word out about the program.

Identify the right benefit level and options

Most common is to offer a benefit up to the IRS limit; though how you choose to offer the benefit will vary based on your business needs.

Engage employees

Remind your employees about the program and encourage them to make any updates to their benefits as permitted based on their needs.

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