How is the TPA’s Long Range Transportation Plan Coming Together?

Two commuters about to step onto the PalmTran bus in West Palm Beach, Florida

What do you want transportation to look like in Palm Beach County in 25 years? Is there less congestion on the roadways? Do you see more transit options like express bus service or light rail? Are there safe bicycle lanes and wider pathways to walk and bike around your neighborhood?

The Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency (TPA) plans, prioritizes and funds the transportation system within Palm Beach County. Working with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Palm Beach County and its 39 municipalities, and transportation partners like Palm Tran and Tri-Rail, the TPA envisions a safe, efficient, connected multimodal transportation system for users of all ages and abilities. Everything from roadway projects to bus shelters, sidewalks and bicycle lanes, new bridges and pathways are all part of the TPA’s plans each year.

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The agency is always assessing the existing transportation system as well as what projects are planned for the next few years. Every five years, the agency looks at what the transportation network could look like 25 years from now. The TPA is currently working on its next Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) – Vision 2050. Municipalities and Palm Beach County are sharing their “wish list” of projects with the agency, while the public is asked to share what they want to see. The TPA will then look at the desires from around the county to do scenario planning, budgeting and implementation before presenting to the TPA’s Governing Board of elected officials in about a year.

Your feedback can help shape the transportation system for the next two decades. Share your thoughts by talking with your local elected officials or municipal officials, using the TPA’s comment map to pinpoint where and what improvements can be made, or filling out the TPA’s transportation survey. Whether you want a crosswalk near your child’s school, better bus service in your neighborhood, or a safer and quicker commute to work, all input can help create the next LRTP.

Learn more about Vision 2050 and how to get involved at Help shape the future of transportation for you and the next generation in Palm Beach County!

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