Transit App users in Palm Beach County get the Red Carpet thanks to WPBgo

Commuters have more ways than ever to help reduce congestion and save money in the process

Transforming Travel with the Transit App
In partnership with Transit, WPBgo has elevated every resident and visitor in Palm Beach County to Royale status, granting access to comprehensive routing, arrival, and capacity information on all transit routes and bikeshare stations. The Transit app is celebrated for its user-friendly interface and has been tested in over 300 cities worldwide. Its features include real-time information about public transportation, rideshares, and other modes of travel, along with a trip planner that suggests combining multiple options like buses, bikes, scooters, Tri-Rail, and Uber to reach destinations on time. This integration empowers users to compare various travel options and confidently navigate car-free.

The Benefits of Crowdsourced Data
Transit’s unique crowdsourcing features have significantly enhanced real-time transit information, making it a valuable tool for commuters. Through the “GO” feature, users share their vehicle locations in real-time, which has proven effective in 175 cities, including major urban centers like New York City. This crowdsourced data provides hyper-precise updates, updating vehicle locations every 10-30 seconds. The high user density in these cities ensures the reliability of the data, helping users avoid outdated information and making their commutes smoother and more predictable​.

WPBgo’s Commitment to Mobility and Economic Growth
Florida, recognized as the fastest-growing state in the U.S., attracts people and businesses to West Palm Beach due to its thriving job market and exceptional quality of life. With this growth, WPBgo aims to address the increasing demands on the transportation system by promoting congestion-reducing alternatives. WPBgo strives to enhance mobility, reduce traffic, and support economic growth in and around downtown West Palm Beach by collaborating with local employers, attractions, and institutions. Their mission is to save time for commuters, improve daily life, and contribute to the city’s development.

Transit app Royale on three phones showing information about transit, brightbike, and Royale status.
Transit app Royale provided by WPBgo

A Glimpse into the Transit App
The Transit app, utilized by millions of public transit riders globally, offers accurate real-time updates, step-by-step navigation, and valuable crowdsourcing features. This app not only assists riders in planning their car-free journeys but also empowers them to advocate for better transportation options. Transit collaborates with transit agencies to integrate fare payment, on-demand transit, bikeshare, scooters, carshare, and more, making it a comprehensive tool for urban mobility. Based in Montréal, Québec, Transit continues to enhance the commuting experience in over 300 cities worldwide.

Learn More and Get Involved
WPBgo and the Transit app are at the forefront of transforming how people travel in Palm Beach County. They are making strides toward a more efficient and sustainable transportation system by leveraging advanced technology and community collaboration. For more information on WPBgo’s initiatives, visit, and to explore the features of the Transit app, check out


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