WPBGo Serves Up a Menu of Tools to Reduce Traffic and Offer Commute Options for Residents, Business Owners, and Visitors.

Commuters can reduce congestion and save money using Transit App and new carpool / vanpool matching tools

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – The West Palm Beach Mobility Coalition, known as WPBgo, today announced the launch of several new tools to improve commuting options and information for residents, visitors, and workers who want to get around car-free or car-lite in Palm Beach County. These new tools include WPBgo’s sponsorship of free Royale subscriptions for Palm Beach County residents and visitors in the Transit app. The app enables users to see real-time transit times across the region and map their rides in real-time. WPBgo has also launched a new website, WPBgo.com, which can be used to find new travel options and the latest transportation news. The WPBgo website also offers carpool and vanpool matching services powered by RideAmigos.

The Transit app: World-class tool to get around car-free and never miss a ride

In partnership with Transit, WPBgo has upgraded every Palm Beach County resident and visitor to Royale status, which gives access to routing, arrival, and capacity information on all transit routes and bikeshare stations. Transit enables comparison of all travel options when moving around without a car. Riding a transit route for the first time? Tap “GO” in the app and Transit’s step-by-step navigation feature will even remind you so you get to your stop on time, so you never miss your ride.

Transit is an award-winning, easy-to-use urban travel companion. It has been tested in over 300 cities worldwide and has now entered a partnership with West Palm Beach. It offers real-time information about public transportation, including buses, trains, rideshares, and other modes of transportation. It offers arrival and departure times, route maps, delays, and service alerts. The app also has a trip planner feature that suggests combining multiple options in one trip, such as bus, bike, scooter, Tri-Rail, and Uber, to get to your destination on time.

New WPBgo Website

The new WPBgo website creates an informative space to which the commuter can access tools designed to ease the burden of planning. Tools such as news blogs keep locally impacted commuters informed of options. Rider resources funnel various technologies into a singular place for streamlined support. Benefits for businesses spell out employee retention benefits and overall satisfaction for employers and employees who support transit options for getting to work. Support is found here for whichever commute mode you need, from micro-mobility to higher-speed rail. Convenience is just a click away.

Downtown West Palm Beach has more commuter and travel options than almost any peer city of our size in the nation: highspeed rail, commuter rail, bikeshare, public transit buses, on-demand vehicles, shuttles, walking and biking–all connected in the Transit App for your ease of use.

Carpool and Vanpool Matching Powered By RideAmigos

In addition to the Transit App, WPBgo is launching a carpool and vanpool matching service powered by RideAmigos’ technology and support. This user-friendly platform, accessible through the WPBgo website, connects commuters with shared ride options for their daily travels to and from West Palm Beach. From 2010 to 2020, Florida’s population increased by 2.7 million, so any alternative to congestion will help. Whether carpooling with community members or joining a vanpool group, individuals can remain flexible while using the pool-matching tools offered at WPBgo.com.
There are many benefits to carpooling and vanpooling. Carpooling with at least one other person can cut commuting costs in half. Registered carpoolers can also share gas expenses and qualify for reduced car insurance premiums. Vanpooling can save even more on gas and maintenance, and members may qualify for auto insurance discounts. Carpools can use HOV lanes on the interstate, which are usually less congested than other lanes.
Carpoolers can decide how many days a week they carpool, and vanpool members can choose a flexible route and schedule that works for them. Many vanpool passengers meet at centralized Park-and-Ride Lots.

WPBgo continues to leverage additional mobility tools to reduce your stress, save you time, and enable economic growth in West Palm Beach.

About WPBGo

Florida is the fastest-growing state in America. People and jobs are flocking to West Palm Beach for our lucrative job market and phenomenal quality of life. With this growth comes new demands on our transportation system. WPBgo works with WPB employers, attractions, and institutions to promote congestion-reducing alternatives for commuters, residents, and visitors. WPBgo’s mission is to reduce traffic and improve mobility in and around downtown to enable economic growth, save people’s precious time, and make everyday life easier. For more information, visit https://wpbgo.com/

About Transit

Transit is the app that makes life better without a car in more than 300 cities worldwide. Millions of public transit riders rely on its accurate real-time updates, intuitive step-by-step navigation, and helpful crowdsourcing features. The app gives riders powerful tools to speak up for better car-free transportation and helps transit agencies bring together fare payment, on-demand transit, bikeshare, scooters, carshare, taxis, and more. Transit is based in Montréal, Québec. Learn more at www.transitapp.com/

About RideAmigos

RideAmigos is a technology company on a mission to change how the world commutes for good. Our mobile and web-based commuter engagement solutions combine innovative technology with proven behavioral science principles to empower everyone to make smarter transportation choices. Large employers, universities, and government agencies use our products to reduce congestion, parking demand, and environmental impact while creating healthier, happier communities. We have helped our clients take tens of millions of cars off the road and reduce our collective CO2 footprint by over 300 million pounds. https://rideamigos.com/


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